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Capstone Poster

For our final capstone/thesis project in my masters program, we must create a poster, a presentation, and write a long-ass paper. I present my capstone in just three weeks, and last night I finished my capstone poster. I will blog about my entire capstone, as well as add it to my portfolio, once it’s submitted, for now it’s back to work!

Give a Crit Iteration 5

In this iteration, I’ve added some toggle buttons that allow for viewing the title, description, category, and exif information for a given photograph. This information appears as an overlay on the image directly, and is always ‘at-hand’ during a critique.

5th Design Iteration


I’m looking for feedback from photographers and designers. For background information on this design, please see, the first post has some good information.

Give A Crit – Iterations

Over the last two days I’ve been iterating a lot on my design for the critique portion of my capstone project Give A Crit. I’ve locked myself in a whiteboard room and sketched and sketched, and sketched some more.

Here is an example of a whiteboard sketch.
whiteboard sketch of give-a-crit

I took this particular sketch and decided to quickly mock it up using Keynote (taking only 30-40 minutes). This was done to help me begin to better understand the design and interactions. This particular concept uses the idea of ‘purposeful progression’ (Dewey) through a three step process for contributing a critique.

keynote sketch of give-a-crit

keynote sketch of give-a-crit

keynote sketch of give-a-crit

However, I wasn’t really happy with these sketches. So, I talked to some colleagues and showed them my work. They gave me some great feedback. So much so that I felt compelled to come back into the studio at 9pm and sketch some more in the whiteboard room (love that room). Here are some sketches I came up with then.

More Give a Crit Sketches

I wanted to explore my capstone design problem a bit today. So, I decided to head into our whiteboard room (3 walls of whiteboards, 1 wall of glass) and start sketching. Here are some of things I came up with.

As always, I welcome feedback, comments, and critique. These are just some initial ideas. It was helpful for me to get these out of my brain and into the world. If these provoke you in some way, or if you have some awesome insight, let me know!

Give A Crit – Sketch

I’ve been sketching and thinking deeply about my capstone project lately. I’ve done close readings of web based critique systems like Flickr, Deviant Art, Dribbble, etc. I’ve also been talking recently about the value of quickly prototyping a design. So tonight, I took a recent sketch of my capstone project, Give A Crit, and created a quick (non-interactive) prototype. This took me about 40 minutes using Keynote templates by Keynotopia, just one of many providers of keynote templates for prototyping. So, I present here, for your critique, a quick prototype sketch of Give a Crit, specifically of the critique functionality.

One main thought behind this sketch is to provide some ambiguity of the design so that photographers giving critique can provide meaning as they see fit. Furthermore, this sketch is totally lacking in the photograph’s technical details, which I believe will add value when giving a critique. These technical details could live below the photograph’s description, but I haven’t put much thought into that feature yet. Click on the image below for a full size version.

sketch prototype of Give A Crit

This project is ongoing and will change by leaps and bounds. I’ve conducted very little primary research at this point. Most of my thoughts have centered around a formal analysis of flickr, facebook, deviant art, smug mug, dribbble, and others. Formalist theories (Bell, Wolfman), Structuralist theories (Hebdish, Polhemus), and Use Quality theories (Lowgren) have also provided some grounding to my work, but will be further expanded upon in the future.