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Designer, Woodworker, Photographer, & Human

Howdy, I’m John Wayne Hill

I’m a Designer Leader who enjoys contributing to product designs, setting vision, and helping teams execute best-in-class experiences. I’m also a woodworker and photographer.

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Product & UX Design Leader

John Wayne Hill is a Design Leader with 15+ years experience leading teams and products.

While leading teams and people I also like to jump in and help with the work directly. Around 10 years of my experience has been working with design agencies and I’ve designed for nearly every platform imaginable. Learn more about my designer leadership work, my individual contribution work, and my coaching work below.

My passion is working closely with teams and collaborating with product and engineering partners to deliver amazing experiences to people around the world. With over 15 years experience I have designed for all types of platforms and experiences.

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John Wayne Hill with design team
John Wayne Hill with mentee


John Wayne Hill is a Design Coach who works with designers and new leaders to help them bring out their absolute best.

Throughout my career as an individual contributor at design agencies to leadership and management at Ancestry, True, and more, I’ve coached and mentored a wide variety of designers. As a coach, I will help you learn more about yourself as a designer, help you grow your skillset as a leader, and help you navigate the tricky waters of being a new leader or manager. Through reflection, honest and direct feedback, and creating opportunities, I’m certain I can help you grow into the designer or leader you want to be.

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Woodworker & Furniture Maker

John Wayne Hill is a Woodworker and custom Furniture Maker operating DeathGhost Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area

John Wayne Hill designs and makes custom furniture and household goods built to last. Beautiful, modern, and made by hand. Creating custom items, made to order, just for you, and readily available household goods, finely crafted, beautiful, and easy to use.

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John Wayne Hill of DeathGhost Studios
Tree Trunk Table designed and made by John Wayne Hill of DeathGhost Studios

Bergen, Norway photograph of harbor by John Wayne Hill
Female throwing rubber balls into the air while laughing against a red background


John Wayne Hill is a portrait, lifestyle, and landscape photographer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Photography helps me understand the world. I enjoy finding an image within a landscape and I really enjoy creating an image of a person and their personality.

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Artifact graphic by John Wayne Hill
Artifact – Design Exercise

Artifact – Design Exercise

I recently collaborated with Artifact for a design exercise. This was quick exercise that only took a couple of days, but I'm happy with my work. Check it out at Really fucking talented designer CEO Artifact View Project Details

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