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About Me

Hi, I’m John Wayne

I’m a versatile Design Leader experienced in leading, hiring, and growing multi-disciplinary teams for new products and spaces. I have extensive experience in developing products and services incorporating customer-centric design and breakthrough innovations. I’ve been successful at driving, conceptualizing, visioning, and executing across all platforms including iOS, Android, Web, and custom hardware.

I’m also a woodworker and maker. I design and build small furniture and household items. I enjoy hiking, traveling, reading, and make a damn good Old Fashioned.

As a designer and leader, I’ve worked with many design agencies, start-ups, and medium to large-sized companies across a wide variety of projects including apps, museum exhibits, drones, wearables, large-scale displays, and even entire operating systems. I’m versatile and learn by immersion.

And yes, I go by John Wayne 😄

Portrait of John Wayne Hill in 2019