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Give A Crit – Iterations

Over the last two days I’ve been iterating a lot on my design for the critique portion of my capstone project Give A Crit. I’ve locked myself in a whiteboard room and sketched and sketched, and sketched some more.

Here is an example of a whiteboard sketch.
whiteboard sketch of give-a-crit

I took this particular sketch and decided to quickly mock it up using Keynote (taking only 30-40 minutes). This was done to help me begin to better understand the design and interactions. This particular concept uses the idea of ‘purposeful progression’ (Dewey) through a three step process for contributing a critique.

keynote sketch of give-a-crit

keynote sketch of give-a-crit

keynote sketch of give-a-crit

However, I wasn’t really happy with these sketches. So, I talked to some colleagues and showed them my work. They gave me some great feedback. So much so that I felt compelled to come back into the studio at 9pm and sketch some more in the whiteboard room (love that room). Here are some sketches I came up with then.

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  1. Good to see the close association you have maintained to the literature from HCI.