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Give a Crit Iteration 5

In this iteration, I’ve added some toggle buttons that allow for viewing the title, description, category, and exif information for a given photograph. This information appears as an overlay on the image directly, and is always ‘at-hand’ during a critique.

5th Design Iteration


I’m looking for feedback from photographers and designers. For background information on this design, please see, the first post has some good information.

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  1. Like the simple layout, buttons are understandable.

    1. Is the photograph title and description set in the top-left, or up to the creator/criticizer to move around? What if the image isn’t right-aligned like shown?

    2. Is the panel on the right and bottom always going to be there, or is there an option to collapse the panel to allow greater viewing of the image?

    3. Would it be better if the selection, drawing and text tools on the right panel be aligned to the bottom panel for consistency?

  2. Was curious if you played with the location of the titles/info? Seems to eat up a lot of space on the pic. Also, a bit confused to if I’m looking at the before/after. Possibly an additional layer of feedback needed?

  3. I’ll admit this is the first post I’ve read on the topic. So as I’m looking at your mockups I have a few thoughts, but first a question that may have already been answered in the past posts…How long do you want it to take people to learn how to use this interface?

  4. Thanks for all the comments everyone.

    I’m hoping that critics will be able to use this interface fairly quickly. I’ve taken many standards and cues from Adobe and Apple software (with which my audience would be familiar) and applied them in ways that should make sense. That being said, I think testing will really help me to understand if people can pick up the interface quickly or not.

  5. On first glance I had no idea what the 4 buttons on the bottom left were for. If it were a functional prototype I think a tooltip may have cleared it up. What I found myself wishing for with just the mockup was a title for the group of buttons. This may just be my ignorance of photography because I didn’t know what exif meant so I couldn’t deduce the buttons all correlate to the text on the picture. Food for thought.