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What is Enough Diversity?

A class assignment for Digital Imagery asked us to look at digital imagery as documentary about diversity. I completed this assignment looking to my masters program in HCID as an exemplar. In studying the composition of students in the program, I noticed that we are actually very diverse. This lead me to the question: What is Enough Diversity? Through my assignment I post a list of “Golden Questions” with which to think about diversity.

What is meant by diversity? Racial diversity? Gender diversity? Socio-economic diversity? Cultural diversity? Personality diversity? Grade diversity? Expertise diversity? Political diversity? How do you measure diversity? Quantitative? Qualitative? Can diversity be measured objectively? From who’s perspective is diversity concerned? The President of IU? Dean of Informatics? Director of HCID? Professors? Students? When do we stop concerning ourselves with diversity? Does worrying about diversity make it matter more? What happens when we stop worrying about diversity?

Download a PDF of this assignment: (includes an alternate final version and attributions)

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