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What is Enough Diversity?

A class assignment for Digital Imagery asked us to look at digital imagery as documentary about diversity. I completed this assignment looking to my masters program in HCID as an exemplar. In studying the composition of students in the program, I noticed that we are actually very diverse. This lead me to the question: What is Enough Diversity? Through my assignment I post a list of “Golden Questions” with which to think about diversity.

What is meant by diversity? Racial diversity? Gender diversity? Socio-economic diversity? Cultural diversity? Personality diversity? Grade diversity? Expertise diversity? Political diversity? How do you measure diversity? Quantitative? Qualitative? Can diversity be measured objectively? From who’s perspective is diversity concerned? The President of IU? Dean of Informatics? Director of HCID? Professors? Students? When do we stop concerning ourselves with diversity? Does worrying about diversity make it matter more? What happens when we stop worrying about diversity?

Download a PDF of this assignment: (includes an alternate final version and attributions)

Depression Hurts

In my Digital Imagery class we had a project in which we were supposed to use digital images to raise social awareness through documentary images. You can find the project assignment on Professor Eli Blevis’s webpage, or download the PDF directly.

As depression is a major issue within our society, I decided to use my project to try and raise social awareness of depression and it’s effects on our society. I completed my project to make it look like an advertisement that could be used to further public knowledge on depression. If the project were to be developed to turn into an actual advertisement, I would add information on the agency (such as phone number and web address) to the bottom left of the final product.

Download the PDF of this assignment (includes sketches and attributes).

Jeff Bardzell’s Birthday Party

One of my professors recently had a birthday. The AI’s for our Experience Design class, arranged a surprise birthday party for our professor Jeff Bardzell. The theme was Pink and Black. All of the students were asked to dress up in pink or black. For my ‘costume’ I bought my first pink shirt and a tie to go with it.

Here is Jeff wearing a tiara that the AI’s gave to him. Just a bit later he was fully dressed in a pink wig, beads, sunglasses, and cape. It was glorious.

Jeff Bardzell with a tiara

After class we got together for a quick impromptu photo shoot in the Informatics Lobby.

Class photo shoot

Furthermore, I was opportunistic and submitted some photos from the event as a class project on Shared Memory. In this assignment I talk about how digital technologies allow people to more quickly share memories with each other. Digital technologies also allow us to quickly share these memories with others who were not present. For further information, download and read the PDF.

Digital Imagery as Social Mechanism

The third project in my Digital Imagery class was research into how digital imagery is used as a social mechanism. This projects are open to interpretation; therefore, I decided to look into how digital imagery is used in educational processes. Specifically, I’m interested in how photographers learn and collaborate (which is also my CSCW research). I did some initial research into the subject and found three interesting categories for which to focus my research further: learning via photos, learning via videos, and learning via audio. For this class, we are asked to submit a 3 page PDF document containing a sketch, a final version, and a page for attributions. Below, you can see a screen capture of my submission. A link to the PDF is provided at the bottom of this post.
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