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Pirate Themed Lego iPhone Dock

As an Experience Designer I often make things. Usually I make in order to better understand a design, or test out an idea that my team or I have had. I’ve built prototype designs using a myriad of tools including paper, foamcore, wire, photoshop, playdough, etc. Check out a project called Mirror Map to see some large prototypes made with paper, foamcore, and aluminum foil.

I’ve been wanting an iPhone dock ever since I bought an iPhone. However, I never wanted to shell out money for some boring dock to always sit on my desk. I wanted to dock my phone at times, but not in some boring white box. So, after returning home from my amazing internship at Mozilla and acquiring a new iPhone 4. I decided to make myself an iPhone dock.

For materials I used legos that I had sitting around. The base was built from a pirate themed lego package. Other supplies were used at random. I used the USB cord that came with my new phone as the connecting cord. In order to secure this cord into my lego contraption, I used some hot glue. This would allow me to dock and undock the phone using just one hand.

It works marvelously and looks super cool. Argggg!

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