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Pirate Themed Lego iPhone Dock

As an Experience Designer I often make things. Usually I make in order to better understand a design, or test out an idea that my team or I have had. I’ve built prototype designs using a myriad of tools including paper, foamcore, wire, photoshop, playdough, etc. Check out a project called Mirror Map to see some large prototypes made with paper, foamcore, and aluminum foil.

I’ve been wanting an iPhone dock ever since I bought an iPhone. However, I never wanted to shell out money for some boring dock to always sit on my desk. I wanted to dock my phone at times, but not in some boring white box. So, after returning home from my amazing internship at Mozilla and acquiring a new iPhone 4. I decided to make myself an iPhone dock.

For materials I used legos that I had sitting around. The base was built from a pirate themed lego package. Other supplies were used at random. I used the USB cord that came with my new phone as the connecting cord. In order to secure this cord into my lego contraption, I used some hot glue. This would allow me to dock and undock the phone using just one hand.

It works marvelously and looks super cool. Argggg!

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Firefox Home Tab

Firefox 4 Home Tab Icon

As you may know, I’m currently working as User Experience Intern at Mozilla. I’ve been tasked with designing the next generation Firefox Home Tab. I wanted to share what work I’ve done so far and give a general update on what I plan on doing in the near future. I will be routinely updating the progress and my work on this project as the summer goes forward. So check back often to keep updated on what I’m doing.

I think it’s important to know right off the what we (the UX team) are imagining for the new home tab. We do not imagine the new home tab to be a content aggregation service, but rather we hope to fully understand and push the boundaries of what we (as a browser) can do that websites might not be able to do well. I’ve come up with some approaches that I’ve been looking at to use while designing, which I’ve listed below.

Possible Design Tools

  • Golden Questions
    used to understand many different perspectives
  • Secondary Research
    what research has been done so far by academia and other industry players?
  • User Research
    understand what users of home pages via surveys, possible interviews
  • Data Aggregation
    bring together all data points, see trends, gather insights
  • Brainstorming
    generate multiple ideas on what we can do as a browser
  • Design Lunch
    group brainstorming to get multiple view points and crazy ideas
  • Sketching
    to get ideas out of our heads
  • Concepting, Ideating
    to fully explore a design space
  • Prototyping
    to further explore a particular design
  • User Studies
    to understand gaps and problems with a design or concept

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