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Living with Wearable Tech

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of presenting (once again) at the amazing Midwest UX conference in Columbus, OH. I must say that the event was very well put together, and very well attended. I had an absolute blast speaking, meeting up with old friends, meeting great new people, and learning a ton.

I presented on Living with Wearable Tech as a 5 minute ignite style talk as the closing keynote on the first day. My presentation talked about some personal stories, gave insights and reflections, and honed in on the future of wearable technology.


Wearable computing has come a long way. Devices of yester-year were clunky, hard to use, and fashion backward. As computers continue to miniaturize, the world will see more and more wearable devices. Manufacturers and product makers will continue to try and figure out how to put technology into wearable products and into our lives. As devices make leaps and bounds towards usefullness, utility, and connectedness we will see more and more technology integrated into our lives. How that technology fits into our lives, depends on designers advocating for the best possible experience. Wearable computing takes on a broad range of topics, but most important is the relationship between the person and the technology. Because wearable technology is with us, and on us, throughout most of the day, it’s important to remember how the technology fits into the lives of individual people and the context in which they interact with the technology. This quick presentation describes my relationship with wearable technology and puts forth insights gained from living with the technology through a user experience viewpoint.



If you happened to catch my talk, please send me some feedback as comments, twitter replies or dm’s, or on SpeakerRate. Thanks!

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