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Online Photography Critique

image courtesy of Qiao-Da-Ye

For my final capstone (thesis) project of my master’s program, I’ll be working on the topic of photography critique in a digitally mediated environment. Below is my initial plan for the project. I have a great passion for photography and critique in general and I don’t believe there is a good solution for providing critiques of photography online.

Background Opportunity

Critique is essential in almost any craft or art. Photography is no different. I want to provide a system so that photography students can have their worked critiqued by other photographers.

Primary User Group

My primary user group is photography students and enthusiasts in the Bloomington, Indiana area.


The client for this project will be the Photography Society of Indiana University.

Anticipated Final Outcome

I want to enable photographers to critique other photographers in digitally mediated environment.



Initial Sketches/Ideas

my initial, very rough, idea for online photography critiques

Time Plan


  • Initial research of design space to better understand the problem as a whole.
  • Begin user research on how people currently critique photography
  • Sketch out several ideas on how to enable online photography critique


  • Continue research
  • Assimilate research
  • Sketch more ideas
  • Begin working on research report


  • Develop research presentation and report


  • Sketch out details of concept
  • Begin to develop prototype


  • Prototype design and begin user testing


  • Create a working prototype
  • Conduct longer term user testing


  • Prepare for capstone fair
  • Begin writing final paper
  • Being final presentation


  • Finish final paper
  • Finish and present final presentation

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