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Discovering Local Music in a Digital Age

Note: I’ve decided to scrap this idea in favor of something I feel more passionate about, photography and critique. You can read about my new capstone topic, Online Photography Critique, in a newer post.

For my final capstone (thesis) project of my master’s program, I’ll be working on the topic of discovering local music in a digital age. Below is my initial plan for the project. I’ve narrowed my focus just a bit from just Local Music in a Digital Age because I believe it will be a more interesting space within which to work. I’ve always been a fan of music and local music but I’ve had the hardest time finding new music which I might enjoy.

Background Opportunity

image courtesy of fawi

It’s hard to find good local music that fits my particular taste. I want to make it easier to find and enjoy (holistically) local music that fits your particular taste.

Local music is around. Local music is good. Local music enhances people’s lives. The digital era has made it harder to find and appreciate local music.

Primary User Group

My primary user group is music listeners and fans in Bloomington Indiana between the ages of 18-35.


Bloomington Entertainment & Arts District
Owners of local music establishments
Local music managers and promoters
Local musicians

Anticipated Final Outcome

I want to make it easier to find and enjoy (holistically) local music that suites your taste.


image courtesy of Cristian Mantovani


Initial Sketches/Ideas

A holistic view of my initial design

Time Plan

image courtesy of Francesco Pappalardo


  • Initial research of design space to better understand the problem as a whole.
  • Begin user research on how people discover music and local music in particular
  • Sketch out several ideas, especially of the holistic view of discovery


  • Continue research
  • Assimilate research
  • Sketch more ideas
  • Begin working on research report


  • Develop research presentation and report


  • Sketch out details of concept
  • Begin to develop prototype


  • Prototype design and begin user testing


  • Create a working prototype
  • Conduct longer term user testing


  • Prepare for capstone fair
  • Begin writing final paper
  • Being final presentation


  • Finish final paper
  • Finish and present final presentation

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