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Evacuation – A Dream

A vivid dream from July 14, 2010. So vivid that I needed to write it down and sketch it out.

July 14, 2010

I was with a girl, in a skyscraper where her fathers business was housed. There was housing on the top floors. I remember some things about being nervous around her father. I remember we went to sleep together in the same bed looking out a window into the night sky. The earth shook. We both woke up thinking that this was our first earthquake. We decided it wasn’t much and went back to sleep. Seconds later we were jolted awake by some very loud noises. We somehow knew (from other people?) that we had to evacuate the building. I didn’t remember how to evacuate, so we just took off. We didn’t have on shoes and were wearing sleeping gear. I still had my pillow as we rushed down some stairs and outside. Everything was completely dark outside, but things were violently visible. The sky was full of a menacing black storm.

We rushed to some safe area. We watched the storm grow more violent with others. Then suddenly we were in a car with other random people. We seemed to know them from the office/housing area, but we didn’t seem to know them well. The girl and I were sitting in the back of the car. She was closest to the window on the right hand side, and I was right beside her. We were driving along a highway that overlooked the city. We could clearly see the storm and watch as it engulfed the city. Suddenly a tornado like cloud shot from the sky and started devouring the building we had just evacuated. We watched in horror as the storm more fully engulfed our building and what felt like our lives. We watched this storm destroy our lives and the lives of countless others as we drove along to safety for what seemed like hours. Suddenly the tornado like cloud started lifting up from our building and we gasped as we saw that it was still intact. The building looked just as it had before the storm, much to our amazement. We were totally confused as we watched this tornado like cloud come back down and engulf another nearby building ….

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