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Road Trip to San Francisco

After completing my graduate requirements for my master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction Design, I headed out on a road trip in order to move to San Francisco. This post chronicles my journey across the American Southwest as I drove my Jetta, a UHaul trailor, and my dog towards California.

Warning, this post contains many large images. Some are beautiful, some are not.

Ethel and I start are pilgrimage to San Francisco
All through Illinois, violent storms ragged around us
As storms passed throughout the Midwest, they left massive floods across many states.
I briefly passed through the eastern tip of Arkansas on my way towards Memphis.
Drove across several bridges, which always freaks me out a little
I visited the historic Sun Records while I was briefly in Memphis, TN
My dog Ethel wasn't much of a companion as she slept for most of the 6 day trip
Passed through Arkansas again, and then; big beautiful skies in eastern texas
I slept in the largest bed I've ever seen while in eastern Texas
Lots of great rocky scenery in western Texas
Lots of wind turbines in western Texas
I drove across vast stretches of highway under a beautiful sunset
Stopped briefly in Roswell, New Mexico and visited the UFO Museum
Towards western New Mexico I started seeing some mountains in the background
Lots of trains passed as I drove through the plateaus of Arizona
While visiting the Grand Canyons, I got hit with a large snow storm
The weather cleared up for about 30 minutes, which was enough for me to see the vast beauty of the Grand Canyons
Once the snow storm cleared up, the sky presented me with some rainbows
Made it into California, such a beautiful state.
Ethel and I celebrate as we crossed into San Francisco!

It was quite a journey, as I traveled nearly 3,000 miles across the United States with all my possessions in tow, and everything that I knew behind me.

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