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HCID Portraits

portrait of John Wayne Hill

for HCID students:

Want a kick-ass portrait for your portfolio? Let me help you out. Between now and Jan 5th, I’ll shoot your portrait for free (actually in exchange for a critique).


You bring the idea, and appropriate props if needed. I’ll bring the photo stuff. Email me to set up an appointment. We can shoot in just 15 minutes, or for a couple of hours if you want. I’m totally open to make this work. Portraits are a great way to show your personality and professionalism. You must set up an appointment via email at least 24 hours in advance. I have 3 colored backgrounds (white, black, and red), and plenty of lights. We have a great space in the new studio to shoot, but I’m open to almost any location.

What you need

Yourself. Props as needed. Some time. An idea! I’m also requesting that everyone that I photograph provide me with a critique of my website (portfolio), business cards, or branding in exchange for my time and services. This critique can be of any length and in any format excepting face-to-face (written, audio, video, dance, play, etc).


Check out some examples of other designers:


Recently, I had the joy of photographing my good friend Brittany. We were hanging out in Indianapolis talking design and life while enjoying some wine in a local bar. The light was brilliant so I grabbed my camera and made some photographs. Brittany isn’t a trained model and was a little shy in front of the camera, but I was able to get some great emotions out of her with a little directing and a watchful eye (and I’m sure the wine helped a little). Here are what I think are the best shots from that session.

Brittany Joy Skwierczynski

Brittany Joy Skwierczynski

Brittany Joy Skwierczynski

Brittany Joy Skwierczynski

Brittany Joy Skwierczynski

Brittany is a kick ass designer, see her work, and a good model (who has never got the modeling ball rolling) as well. We had a blast creating some fantastic photographs. If you have any thoughts about the above photographs, leave a comment below.

Online Photography Critique

image courtesy of Qiao-Da-Ye

For my final capstone (thesis) project of my master’s program, I’ll be working on the topic of photography critique in a digitally mediated environment. Below is my initial plan for the project. I have a great passion for photography and critique in general and I don’t believe there is a good solution for providing critiques of photography online.

Background Opportunity

Critique is essential in almost any craft or art. Photography is no different. I want to provide a system so that photography students can have their worked critiqued by other photographers.

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Shot Glasses

shot glasses in black and white on a bar top

Location: San Francisco, CA (Polk Street)

Camera and Lens: Nikon D80, 50mm f/1.8 lens

Creative Process: Taken during an SF Bar Crawl of Polk Street. Once we took these shots and laid the glasses down, I suddenly saw this image. It was very dark, so I pumped up the ISO and got a nice grainny type look.

Post Production: I cropped this photos just a bit to remove a stray hand in the background. Nothing more.



Location: San Francisco, CA

Camera and Lens: Nikon D80, 50mm f/1.8 lens

Creative Process: Taken during the San Francisco Worldwide Photo Walk. I just saw and photographed.

Post Production: I cropped this photos just a bit, and played around with the color saturation to increase the yellows and oranges just a tiny bit.