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Depression Hurts

In my Digital Imagery class we had a project in which we were supposed to use digital images to raise social awareness through documentary images. You can find the project assignment on Professor Eli Blevis’s webpage, or download the PDF directly.

As depression is a major issue within our society, I decided to use my project to try and raise social awareness of depression and it’s effects on our society. I completed my project to make it look like an advertisement that could be used to further public knowledge on depression. If the project were to be developed to turn into an actual advertisement, I would add information on the agency (such as phone number and web address) to the bottom left of the final product.

Download the PDF of this assignment (includes sketches and attributes).

Mood Boards

A recent CSCW class project called for us to re-design our upcoming design studio. Our program is getting a new building (construction started today) and we were set to get out input into the design of our new space. The new Design Studio will be located on the third floor of the new building, set to open in August. Here are some mood board designs that our class designed.

Our professor (Shaowen Bardzell) was so impressed that she gave us all A+’s, canceled an upcoming assignment, and is giving us an extra day to further develop and co-design our ideas with the building facilitator. I’m really impressed with our class projects and I can’t wait to see some of them actually implemented into the new building!

Jeff Bardzell’s Birthday Party

One of my professors recently had a birthday. The AI’s for our Experience Design class, arranged a surprise birthday party for our professor Jeff Bardzell. The theme was Pink and Black. All of the students were asked to dress up in pink or black. For my ‘costume’ I bought my first pink shirt and a tie to go with it.

Here is Jeff wearing a tiara that the AI’s gave to him. Just a bit later he was fully dressed in a pink wig, beads, sunglasses, and cape. It was glorious.

Jeff Bardzell with a tiara

After class we got together for a quick impromptu photo shoot in the Informatics Lobby.

Class photo shoot

Furthermore, I was opportunistic and submitted some photos from the event as a class project on Shared Memory. In this assignment I talk about how digital technologies allow people to more quickly share memories with each other. Digital technologies also allow us to quickly share these memories with others who were not present. For further information, download and read the PDF.