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Design Leadership Portfolio

I’ve been in the world of design for 14+ years, starting in 2006 doing web design and development. This site has been dedicated to my individual design work up until 2014. As my career has grown, I’ve moved into leading teams, managing, and directing work. While I maintain a Coach/Player mentality and certainly pitch in individual work where needed, I’ve found that this portfolio no longer displayed the type of work I have done and where and how I want to contribute to the world.

So, I’ve created a brand new site! Please visit and check out my new portfolio focused on design leadership, vision, strategy, and direction. This site was coded by hand and is completely custom. It showcases my leadership style, projects I’ve lead, and provides a bit more detail.

While this site will continue to exist to showcase past work, the new site will contain updated information. Thanks for visiting!

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