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Design with Bravery

At Interaction 11, Bruce Sterling gave an amazing closing keynote. Out of the hundreds of nugests of wisdom, one thing in particular stuck out to me. Bravery. I’m not sure entirely how Bruce spoke of it, but he reminded us to be more brave when we design. Something about this phrasing stuck with me as very inspirational. In fact, this phrasing helped change and re-shape my capstone project for the better. So, thanks Bruce!

However, the inspiration did not stop there. A couple of days after the conference, a new re-phrasing came to mind, “Design with Bravery”. To me, this spoke to the heart of Bruce’s phrasing while reminding me to continue to push myself and my designs into new directions. With this in mind, I created a poster to hang on my wall, where it now sits reminding me to be design with bravery.

Design with Bravery

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