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Monster #10

Here are some in progress sketches, and the final, of Monster #10. This guy has been in my head for quite a while, and it’s taken me a long time to get him to look “right”. I’m pretty happy with the results, and with the overall results of just sketching more. As a designer, I find it’s good to sketch frequently. I created this guy, as with all my monster sketches, with the Paper app for iPad, using a Maglus stylus.

monster number 10, early

monster number 10 with shading

monster number 10 with some detail

final sketch of monster number 10

Reflection on Prototyping with Foam

Over the last week and a half in our prototyping class we learned about and started working with foam. We learned about the many different types of foam, their uses, and how people have used foam before. After conducting research on foam with my presenting partner Wes, I started thinking about what design I might want to prototype. I began by sketching out some basic ideas in a very rough format. I then decided that I would prototype an interactive iPad dock that would be used with Adobe software and could double as a tablet with a pressure sensitive pen. I selected this concept because it would force me to use foam in ways that I haven’t before, as well as integrate different materials into the foam.

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