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Smart Spaces and Uncommon Computing


Stimulant is a design firm based in San Francisco and is known for creating smart spaces and uncommon computing. At Stimulant I was often the sole interaction designer working with a group of clients, visual designers, and engineers. My work within projects would start at the beginning of the project and usually last until the project was completed and launched. As Stimulant develops its software for each project, I would work alongside engineers and make changes to designs as needed for the project. Installation and launch of projects would often find me alongside visual designers, client teams, and installation workers. At times designs would need to be tweaked on location in order to create the right experience for each design.

Four of my projects at Stimulant have launched publicly including the MOHAI Launchpad, Reunion Tower, Intel’s Ultrabook Exhibit, and Samsung’s Sketchmotion. Take a peek at each project to learn more.

Stimulant Background by John Wayne Hill