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HCID Celebrates the Chinese New Year

Some photos taken in a really dark room where some IU HCID students threw a Chinese New Year’s part. It was quite fun and there was some really amazing food. I’m so glad that I went, even if my photos are basically noise, they are still memories. Below are three images from the 34 I posted over on Facebook.

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CSCW: Research Project Overview

In my CSCW class, we recently had to turn in a research project overview. For this project, which will last the entire semester, I want to focus on photography groups and how photographers collaborate within these groups. I feel this is an under-researched area. There has been plenty of research regarding how people share photographs in different situations, although mostly at home. However, not too many designers are looking at professional and amateur photographers and how they collaborate through these groups. I’m currently the Event Director of a photography group here at IU called The Photography Society. My proposal consisted of a time line to conduct ethnographic research, contextual inquiry, and interviews. From this point I would organize the data, begin ideating and sketching, and conduct some participatory design sessions. My hope is that I can end the semester with not only a design document stating my process and results, but actually design something that I might be able to build for local photography groups. Photography, along with design, is a great passion of mine. Feel free to download and read my overview document. Research Project Overview (PDF). I would absolutely love any critique of the design of this document. I don’t have much experience in print design, so help me out!

Now Availabe for Weddings

Hey everybody, I’m jumping into the wedding pool!

I’m not getting married myself, but rather making myself available to shoot your wedding. I’m free for booking as early as June 8th.

Your wedding is a special and very stressful event. Let me help by assuring you that I can capture those special moments during your wedding.

I know that there are a ton of wedding photographers out there, so be sure to check out my portfolio to see if my style suits you.

Now, head over to my contact page so we can begin our conversation.

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