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I design compelling experiences.
I explore through prototyping.
I create through constraint.

Work Experience


Lead Interaction Designer | San Francisco, CA | Mar. ’15 – July ’16

At Idean I’ve lead multiple teams on multiple projects and enjoyed directing 5 Interaction Design interns over the summer. I lead the interface design for a new consumer product for a large action camera company, working for over a year to bring the product to market from a mere idea. Lately I’ve lead the design for a multi-user, any size, multi-input, software which helps teams work together better both remotely and colocated.


Interaction Designer | San Francisco, CA | Oct. ’12 – Feb. ’14

I designed the MOHAI Launchpad for the Bezos Center for Innovation, the digital experiences for the Reunion Tower in Dallas, Tx, the Intel Ultrabook Exhibit in the Intel Museum, a creative drawing application for large tablets for Samsung’s PIT group, and more. I designed for uncommon computing through collaboration, experimentation, prototyping, and iteration with clients, engineers, and product teams.


Interaction Designer | San Francisco, CA | May ’11 – Oct. ’12

At Punchcut I designed a watch-battery powered smart watch, music applications, communication applications, and e-commerce applications for Fortune 500 companies, corporations, and start-ups. I designed mobile experiences for smart phones, tablets, and TVs. Delivered artifacts from sketches and prototypes, to full annotated wireframe documents.


User Experience Designer | Mountain View, CA | May ’10 – Aug. ’10

Designed and prototyped Firefox Home Tab. Researched and presented perceived performance for the Firefox startup process.

I.U. Communications

Web Developer & Designer | Bloomington, IN | Jan. ’09 – Aug. ’09

Designed and prototyped a campus-wide emergency system for IU. Created front-end code for multiple websites. Critiqued and implemented improvements to current websites.


Technical Intern of Design | Kansas City MO | June ’08 – Aug. ’08

Prototyped and tested designs for a hospital education administration system. Designed patient focused entertainment and education system.

I.U. Alumni Association

Web Developer & Designer | Bloomington, IN | Aug. ’06 – May ’08

Responsible for the creation, maintenance, and coding of 13,500 pages, 85 sites. Wrote web code in multiple languages.


M. S. Human Computer Interaction Design

Indiana University | Bloomington, IN | May ’11

B. S. Informatics

Indiana University | Bloomington, IN | Dec. ’08

Academic Experience

Assistant Instructor and Mentor

Interaction Design Practice | Aug. ’10 – Dec. ’10

Course Co-designer

Prototyping for Design | Aug. ’10 – Dec. ’10

Assistant Instructor

Social Informatics | Jan. ’10 – May ’10

Assistant Instructor

Human Computer Interaction | Aug. ’09 – Jan. ’10