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Katie O’Donnell

Below are some recent photographs of my good friend Katie O’Donnell. Katie is a fellow masters student with me at Indiana University and does awesome work. She is interning for the summer at Oracle in the San Francisco Bay Area. Katie just picked up some new glasses so we headed out to a local park and took some photographs. Below are some of my favorites.

Katie O'Donnell

Location: A Mountain View, CA park

Camera and Lens: Nikon D80, 50mm f/1.8 lens

Creative Process: We went out into the park around 6:15pm and looked for good light in some shade.

Post Production: Nothing much more than normal portrait stuff.

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a girl in front of window light

Location: A San Francisco bar

Camera and Lens: Nikon D80, 50mm f/1.8 lens

Creative Process: My beautiful friend Kat and I were exploring some SF bars. We sat near the front at this bar area that had fantastic light coming in through a window. I simply picked up my camera and starting shooting.

Post Production: Very little post production on this photograph. I converted the photograph to black and white and did a little skin re-touching. That’s all folks. Simple as could be.

It Was All I Had Left

Location: My living room

Camera and Lens: Nikon D80, 50mm f/1.8 lens

Creative Process: For this image, I wanted to capture a kind of class ‘lipstick on the cheek’ look. I decided upon a bright red color lipstick. I wanted the expression to really stand out through my eyes, so I put on some eyeliner. I then wanted to simulate that I had been crying recently, so I smeared the makeup around, put water on my face, and worked the makeup into a look that I wanted. It turns out that achieving focus on the eyes in a self portrait situation is much easier when using eyeliner. I wanted the photo to have a really grainy almost filthy raw look to it.

Post Production: This image is fairly straight from the camera. In Lightroom I upped the exposure and black levels just a bit and then bumped up the clarity for extra grit. In Photoshop I edited out some blemishes and burned in some areas of makeup around the eye to make it stick out just a bit more.

Note: I’m using the format from another blog that I really really admire. The Still Image with Cash Taylor. If you are a photographer and not reading this blog, you should it rocks.

What is Enough Diversity?

A class assignment for Digital Imagery asked us to look at digital imagery as documentary about diversity. I completed this assignment looking to my masters program in HCID as an exemplar. In studying the composition of students in the program, I noticed that we are actually very diverse. This lead me to the question: What is Enough Diversity? Through my assignment I post a list of “Golden Questions” with which to think about diversity.

What is meant by diversity? Racial diversity? Gender diversity? Socio-economic diversity? Cultural diversity? Personality diversity? Grade diversity? Expertise diversity? Political diversity? How do you measure diversity? Quantitative? Qualitative? Can diversity be measured objectively? From who’s perspective is diversity concerned? The President of IU? Dean of Informatics? Director of HCID? Professors? Students? When do we stop concerning ourselves with diversity? Does worrying about diversity make it matter more? What happens when we stop worrying about diversity?

Download a PDF of this assignment: (includes an alternate final version and attributions)