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John Wayne Hill, designerHi, I’m John Wayne Hill.

I’m an Experience, Interaction, and Product Designer. I have lots of experience lead teams from the very start all the way to shipping products. I like to design for the uncommon and work on projects that aren’t so run of the mill. I’ve helped design for museum exhibits, consumer products, apps and websites, wearables, and entire operating systems.

My experience has mostly been with design agencies, so I’ve been through a lot of projects over the years. I have a Masters degree in Design (HCI/d) from Indiana University. My background is in design and computer sciences, so I can code a little too but only for prototyping. I’ve been a photographer for years. I like to learn new things and have new experiences. I see the world in details and hope to one day be a martian. I want to shoot a series of photos about monsters.

I also enjoy the outdoors and an Old Fashioned.

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